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GREMLINS Celebrate Goodbye AX, Happy Birthday Hits

On March 5, GREMLINS hosted “Goodbye AX, Happy Birthday Hits” as a dual farewell to the iconic live house and a birthday party to project co-founder and guitarist/vocalist Hits (NIGHTMARE’s Hitsugi). After a hot lineup, GREMLINS drummer KNZ (BVCCHI HAYNES),  and support members Mizuki (Sadie), and Chiyu (SuG), took to the stage to the sound of cheering. The loudest cheers, however, were for the birthday boy himself as Hits came out carrying a Japanese umbrella that matched the wa-style costumes.

The opening number, the band’s newest single, “[Yue,]” started off percussion-heavy with Hits singing against the hard beats before the band joined in with a flourish. Lasers flashed across the stage, creating an impressive light display that matched the music. The fans headbanged for another hide cover in the form of “HONEY BLADE,” the relentless pace getting everyone in the crowd—and even a few roadies standing just offstage—to dance along. The song finished to appreciative applause and KNZ cued the crowd to yell out with his sharp drum hits.

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